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Why Labeek?

Our goal is to simplify the process of finding clients for you, to provide you with regular work and great deals.


Regular Work

No need to look for work. We have a large client base which will ensure regular work for you in your region only.

No Negotiating

No need to bargain with clients over money for your work. We have standardised pricing for everything. Simply go and do your job.

Great Deals

We offer our technicians great deals and the best margins in the business.

We have made it super easy for you
to find clients in town

Now you only need to think about the actual work
as we have made finding work for you as easy as it can get



  • You will receive a notification when a customer creates a job request
  • Each job request will contain details of what needs to be done, along with the location of the job
  • Every job request is reviewed to make sure it is authentic


  • Customers will receive a notification once you are on the way.
  • Customers will receive a notification once you complete the service.


  • The customer compares your price with others and decides who to contact
  • You can talk to the customer directly to work out the details of the job
  • Once you’re hired and get the job done, don’t forget to ask the customer to leave a review


There is no one “correct” way to quote, but here are some pointers that we have found help make a winning quote.

 Build an appealing profile

Customers are looking for a Service provider that is qualified and professional. Your profile is where you can highlight your skills and display your credentials and professional licenses, and let customers know that you are qualified to come to their rescue.

 Greet the customer with a personalised message

Your price should include a clear and professional message. Make sure your message is personalised for the specific Job Request, and that you answer the questions the customer asked in their request. Make sure you are always courteous and professional, and provide your full company name, and contact details in the Profile.

 Competitive estimate

Everyone likes a bargain, including our customers. With more competitive pricing, customers are more likely to choose you to be their Service provider. At the same time, make sure your price is accurate, don’t just quote a low price to land the job. Explain why you charge what you charge, so that customers understand that the cost can fluctuate once you learn more about the job.

 Ask customers to give you a review

When customers look through Service provider profiles, they will pay particular attention to the reviews previous customers have written. The more reviews you have, the better your chances of being hired.

 Be Persistent!

Labeek can help give your business superpowers, but it’s up to you to make use of them. Like any new skill, you will want to learn and really master it. Only reply to a Job Request if you think you are qualified. Be persistent and learn how to make Labeek work best for you and watch your business grow.

 Accept more jobs, Quickly!

The more you accept, the more jobs you’ll be hired for! Also,The more quickly you respond to a customer’s Job Request by accepting the request, the better chances you have to get contacted first and get hired.

You can receive job request for free on Labeek until 2016! Take advantage of this promotional time and start building your client base!